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We the family of Abu-Aita would like to welcome you here in Bethlehem, the birthplace of our Lord and wish you a very pleasant stay in paradise hotel.

We are here to serve you today, tomorrow and into the future by hearing your demands, offers to us and to make your trip very easy to the holy land by letting you feel home away from home.

The family treatment, the care, the quality, trust and the respect that you will find in Paradise Hotel will build a long-term relationship with all pilgrims and to reach everybody, everywhere in the world on behalf of the owners and management.

History of Paradise Hotel

Paradise Hotel was built by the Abu-Aita Family in 1980 . The 98 rooms of the Hotel with all necessary facilities needed started operating between 1985 – 1988

The Abu-Aita family is very famous in the world of tourism and industry , The First Generation of the family opened one of the the best Souvenir Stores in Bethlehem in the year 1970.

On 1993 the new generation of the family added 68 rooms to the Hotel. During this period, Paradise Hotel became one of the most important Hotels in the country. It hosted most of the pilgrims and cruises that were staying or dinning in Bethlehem.

The Hotel also hosted most important people of the world during the international meetings and conferences for high level local and foreign seniors, and in particular the peace process negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis.

On 2011, we added 50 new rooms and a whole renovation for hotel was accomplished. The Total number of the rooms in the Hotel is now 216.

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